A 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to creating materials and learning opportunities to prepare and encourage friends to help and support people with cancer.

Friends & Cancer

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Part One | Finding Your Way As A Friend
  • Chapter One - Learning to Communicate, Preparing to Help
    • Find Your Way; Learn to Listen; Evaluate the Situation; Ground Rules
  • Chapter Two - Understanding the Cancer Experience
    • Mapping the Cancer Journey; Post-Treatment: The New Normal;
      Challenges on the Journey
Part Two | How To Help: Sharing The Gifts Of Friendship
  • Chapter Three - Normalcy, Presence, Communication, and Delight
    • Gifts of Normalcy; Gifts of Presence; Gifts of Communication; Gifts of Delight; Cancer and Beauty; Sharing the Gifts of Friendship; Special Deliveries: Gifts to Buy and Send

  • Chapter Four - Everyday, Nitty-Gritty Help
    • Providing Everyday, Nitty-Gritty Help; When Friends Live Alone; Teamwork; Good Friends, Good Food

Part Three | When You Want to Know More:The Gift of Knowledge
  • Chapter Five - Living with Cancer: Hope and Spiritual Care
    • Cancer as a Chronic Disease; Cancer and the Gift of Hope; Faith, Spirituality, and Cancer; Sharing Gifts of Hope and Spiritual Care
  • Chapter Six - Special Situations
    • Cancer and the Caregiver; Talking to Children; When the Patient is a Child; Cancer in Teens and Young Adults; Cancer in Older Adults

  • Chapter Seven - Ask the Experts: Cancer Q & A
    • Cancer 101: Biopsies; Cancer Surgery; Reconstructive Surgery; Chemotherapy; Radiation Therapy; Complementary-Integrative Medicine
Part Four | When Life Draws to a Close
  • Chapter Eight - Preparing for the End of Life, and The Gift of Peace
    • Letting Go, Grieving, and Phases of Dying; Hospice; The Gift of Peace; Sharing Gifts of Peace; True Refuge
  • Chapter Nine - The Gift of Remembrance
    • Remembrance; A Call to Remembrance: A Daughter’s Letter; Advocacy as Honor and Remembrance; A Final Question

Appendix A
  • Researching Cancer Information, Cancer Treatment, and Cancer Centers
Appendix B
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • Contributors
    • Angels in Our Midst
    • Index