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Friends & Cancer

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What They Are Saying About "When Cancer Strikes a Friend"

Author Bonnie Draeger

Wondering what to say, how to help, and/or what to know about your friend with cancer? Now, for the first time, your questions will be answered in this supportive and instructional guide on how to be there for your loved one in his or her time of need. When Cancer Strikes a Friend is a prescriptive, step-by-step guide with menus of tried-and-true responses, bulleted examples, detailed sidebars, and sound advice from cancer professionals.

In Bonnie Draeger’s debut book, professionals provide authoritative treatments of topics, including post-treatment; when friends live alone; pediatric and teen cancer issues; talking to children about cancer; and food, teamwork, and more. Featuring more than forty expert contributions, When Cancer Strikes a Friend is the essential guide for friends and colleagues who truly want to help their friends and family—acting as caregivers, listeners, and supporters—fight a winning battle against the Big C.

Who is Marjolein?

Marjolein Ungerer was an engaging and beautiful Dutch physical therapist practicing in White Plains, New York. Marjolein was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early thirties. Several years later, married with a young child, her cancer returned.

Marjolein became a strong advocate of early cancer detection and cancer education. She appeared before the New York State Legislature to advocate for patient’s rights even as her own disease progressed.

The Marjolein Project is dedicated to Marjolein and her inspirational spirit. The nonprofit In Marjolein’s Memory, Inc., was named in her honor following her untimely death at age 37.

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